Matt Chan


Dr. Jason Gridley has been instrumental in my success as a 6x CrossFit Games Competitor.

Treatments ranging from soft tissue work to rehabilitation from major injuries, Dr. Gridley has been there to assist me in training consistently since 2008. He utilizes a combination of techniques that balance efficiency and effectiveness, which is important to me, as training time is a commodity. Jason treats me as a friend and expresses true empathy and care for me and my family every time we see him. I recommend any athlete, novice or elite professional, see Dr. Gridley regularly during training to prevent injuries and maximize performance.

– Matt Chan

Candice Lewis-Carter


My sincere words I have to write about Dr. Jason Gridley. The level of gratitude I feel is beyond words.

From the first initial treatment, I was amazed by the reduction of a 7-year-old trigger point knot I had in my left quad. For many years I’ve tried it all, but nothing has worked. This trigger point has been an eyesore and has cost me placings as a bodybuilder. As one of the top Figure athletes in the world; everything has to be almost perfect and in total balance.

After a few monthly treatments, my trigger point was reduced to almost nothing. I have gone on to win both the 2017 Arnold Classic Ms. Figure International and Arnold Australia Championship. I highly recommend Dr. Gridley as he has done wonders for me. I look forward to continuing my treatment as I prepare for all my competitions.

– Candice Lewis-Carter

Camille Leblanc Bazinet


Two years ago I moved to Colorado and I need to find someone to treat me for the rigorous demands of my sport.

I have been treated by many different chiropractors massage therapist and acupuncturist but never have I seen very progressive results. On the advice of a friend I went into see Dr. Jason Gridley. I was blown away by the instant results I got both in the aches and pains in my body and my ability to perform at the highest level. I go to Jason for maintenance on a weekly basis. But in some instances when I have a mysterious injury or issue, he is able to fix it almost instantly. He is without a doubt a master in his profession. His ability to treat and relieve pain is at a level that I’ve never experienced before.

One week before one of my very important competitions, The South regional qualifier for the 2016 CrossFit games,I threw out my back. I was not sure if I would be able to compete, let alone do well enough to qualify for the CrossFit games. Not only was Jason able to get me back on my feet and feeling good, but I finished first at my regional, a result that I owe largely to him.

– Camille Leblanc Bazinet

Stine Pinilla


In a matter of just a few visits with Dr. Jason Gridley I was finally free of a pain in my shoulder and arm that had been bothering me for almost 9 months.

Despite countless efforts by other physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists, the pain continued to bother me and was impacting my CrossFit training and performance, along with causing me lots of frustration! Like many other athletes, I am driven by goals that require hours of training and felt like the pain was preventing me from meeting my greatest potential. Not to mention the impact my mental game was suffering because I could not train the way I wanted and needed to.

I was relieved to meet Dr. Gridley because he has a strong working knowledge of CrossFit and the movements of the sport. This made it easy to explain my pain and the problems I was experiencing. After months trying to explain my concerns to countless people, it was reassuring to know that Dr. Gridley had a plan for me and was confident he could get me back to where I wanted to be. Dr. Gridley took the time to get to know me and my concerns before addressing the issues that were specific to my pain. It was because of his high level of expertise in all of the treatment methods he uses, that, after only a couple of weeks, I was back to doing my full training program.

I am thankful to Dr. Gridley for his dedication to resolving my issues and thereby getting me back to my CrossFit training quickly.

– Stine P.

Dylan Armbrust


I have been seeing Dr. Gridley for the past three years and he has kept me in top health so I am able to perform as a competitive athlete at the age of 46.

Before I started seeing him I never thought I would be able to compete in bodybuilding again this late into my life. I highly recommend Dr. Gridley to anyone who is interested in achieving higher functionality of their body and feeling better than ever.

– Dylan Armbrust

Heather Grace


Dr. Gridley has completely changed my physique and kept my chronically injured body together in order to continue training.

I looked like an immobile piece of kevlar when I initially began treatment. I couldn’t “engage” the right side of my back and my traps sat about an inch higher on my back than they should have; squatting was always painful because my IT bands were extremely tight; and my posing was extremely inconsistent because of the imbalances accrued through years of training without soft-tissue work.

Previous dry-needling and deep tissue work had proven to be a very short-term “fix” and it wasn’t until my first appointment with Dr. Gridley that I truly felt a difference. His technique, knowledge, application, and suggestions never cease to amaze me and I am grateful to be under his care.

– Heather Grace

Krista Dunn


As a professional bodybuilder I am aware of the importance of symmetry and aesthetics on stage. I was unaware, however, that lifting heavy weight on a regular basis can cause tight, bound up muscle that can become asymmetrical and very bunched up in appearance.

I started receiving dry needle treatments with Dr. Gridley on a regular basis and it has made an incredible difference in my physique and overall stage appearance. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my treatments and am so happy that I gave this practice a try!

I look forward to my appointments because I know that I will not only feel better, but look better too. Dr. Gridley treats many athletes in many different types of sports, he is very knowledgeable and conscientious of the needs of athletes. I know, for me, this treatment will remain an integral part of my training and recovery regimen!

– Krista Dunn

Ronnette S.


In August 2017 I was in a bicycle accident and broke my hip and shifted my pelvis. Within a few hours of the accident, I had to undergo an emergency surgery consisting of 3 pins inserted into my hip to hold my bone together and stabilize my pelvic structure.

Four weeks after my surgery and two weeks after stopping pain meds, I started experiencing severe pain in my left leg, back, and hip, along with sciatica nerve pain from my mid back to my foot. I could not sleep or rest in any one position for more than 20 minutes. Faced with the stark pain, I started back on my pain medications. Due to the risk of the bone not re-bonding, my mobility has been dependent on crutches, throwing my whole body out of alignment with an onset of atrophy.

When I described my pain to Dr. Gridley, he determined this was most likely a soft tissue issue, and suggested we try cold laser therapy and biomedical acupuncture. I have had acupuncture in the past, so knew it would help. What I didn’t anticipate was the dramatic difference after just one treatment. The muscle and sciatica nerve pain were gone that night. My flexibility increased. I slept for 10 hour without any pain medication, and could sit down for extended periods.

I plan to continue this treatment along with physical therapy, to help speed up my recovery and help regain my strength and flexibility. I highly recommend Dr. Gridley for anyone who is experiencing post-surgical pains associated with soft tissue for great results!

I look forward to my appointments because I know that I will not only feel better, but look better too. Dr. Gridley treats many athletes in many different types of sports, he is very knowledgeable and conscientious of the needs of athletes. I know, for me, this treatment will remain an integral part of my training and recovery regimen!

– Ronnette S.

Emmalee Teribery


I was first introduced to the highly recommended Dr. Gridley due to my insane CrossFit habits and just before my appearance at the 2013 CrossFit Games.

I have been some sort of an athlete all my life and have always “worked through” injuries or problems on my own. Sometimes that work meant battling through the pain and compensating in other areas but never “fixing” the actual problem. When I realized what Dr. Gridley had in store for me after just one visit I knew the next couple of visits were going to improve my range of motion beyond my expectations. Through accupuncture and chiropractic work he was able to eliminate pains in specific movements that I previously avoided at all costs in turn not having any desired gains. Dr. Gridley is not just a HEALER, he’s also an educator by providing ways of keeping my body healthy outside of his office in order to live an active life as a Firefighter and CrossFitter.

Thanks Doc for all you do! Here’s to many more years of activities and maintenance visits!

– Emmalee Teribery

Paul Buono


After the 2015 CrossFit Games, I could barely walk from a bulging disc and spondylosis, let alone train.

Thanks to the care and treatment from Dr. Jason Gridley, I’m up and and moving at full speed. Thank you again for being the best!

– Paul Buono

Shawn Mack


I originally visited Dr Gridley in 2006. Having hit my 30s, my body was feeling, well, old. I had pretty much accepted that running, jumping and enjoying a lot of the activities I had enjoyed in my youth were long gone.

Starting with my initial treatment with Dr Gridley, I immediately saw improvements: range of motion, strength and flexibility ALL improved! As I continued treatments, I continued to feel better and experienced improved athletic performance.

The better my body felt, the more I threw at it. I stop competing as a national level bodybuilder and I took up running. I started ballet. Then CrossFit. Then triathlons. With each additional activity,. I put higher and higher demands on my body. I frequently have bumps and bruises that need professional care and Dr Gridley has been there every step of the way, keeping my body tuned up and performing to my absolute peak.

As amazing as it is to get out and play like a kid, train hard and perform well, one of the biggest gifts Dr Gridley has given me is the ability to get out of bed in the morning with no pain.

Dr Gridley is a Godsend. He brings an extremely rare blend of knowledge, intuition and in-depth understanding of the body and movement. He is very forward thinking and fully recognizes & understands to unique rigors the athlete’s body is exposed to. Dr Gridley has an unmatched approach to treatment in order to aggressively get athletes back “in the game”.

– Shawn Mack

Rachel Patton


Dr. Jason Gridley is simply THE BEST! He is the only person I trust to work on my body ESPECIALLY when injured.

Dr. Gridley truly has the gift of healing, as well as a compassionate and caring bedside manor. His devotion to helping his patients feel better and live without pain is above any other practitioner I’ve seen. My results, and recovery with Dr. Gridley have been better and faster than with anyone else I have been to see. He utilizes several different treatments that are cutting edge, and continues to learn and seek out new modalities that can help and benefit his patients.

As a 35yr old athlete and CrossFit coach, I demand a lot of my body. Without Dr. Gridley’s treatments I would not be ale to perform at my best. He keeps my body tuned up so I can continue to train hard. Approaching the 2010 North American Fitness Championships, I was having bad issues with my hip. At 5 weeks out from the competition, the pain got so bad that walking was horribly painful and training was almost impossible. Thanks to Dr. Gridley’s in-depth knowledge, background, and intuitive sense of what my body needed to perform, he got me healed and back on track and I was able to compete and ended up placing 2nd.

Thank you Dr. Gridley for always taking such great care of my body, and continually putting me back together!

– Rachel Patton

James Duwve


Several fellow CrossFitters had recommended using Dr. Gridley in order to improve my mobility, for the 2012 CrossFit Games.

With the Games about 9 weeks away I made an appointment with Dr. Gridley for early June. The Friday prior to my appointment, I experienced an injury to my right shoulder that caused numbness, tingling and loss of grip strength in my right hand. A MRI 4 years earlier had revealed torn Biceps tendon, SLAP tear of the Labrum and a torn Rotator Cuff. I received physical therapy and was relatively pain free until this incident.

Dr. Gridley aggressively treated my arm over the next 6 weeks utilizing dry needling, ART (Active Release Therapy), myofascial release and Graston Technique. During the course of the next 6 weeks of treatment I gradually regained range of motion and full use of my arm. I was able to compete in the Masters Division of the CrossFit Games and even set personal records in the Snatch and Shoulder to Overhead.

I am certain that without Dr. Gridley’s intervention I would have had no hope of competing.

– James Duwve

James F.


By the time I was referred to doctor Gridley I had already been referred to various doctors; all of whom were unable to diagnosis or treat my injury other that to prescribe ever stronger pain killers and muscle relaxants.

Then Dr. Kawasaki referred me to Jason with a diagnosis of a high hamstring injury. Jason spoke at length with me and my wife, describing both the treatments and what to expect during and after those treatments. Due to the extended distance we were having to travel to see Jason, he was willing to schedule extended visits with me to maximize the amount of relief.

Although the treatments were quite uncomfortable, the results were unquestionable. Within three treatments I had significant relief from my pain as well as increased mobility in both my leg and lower back. With each subsequent treatment my condition continued to improve.

During my time with Jason my oldest daughter sustained a minor injury playing basketball. Jason told me to bring her along with me on my next appointment and he treated her as well.

– James F.

Gina M.


With less than 4 weeks until race day, Dr. Gridley aggressively treated my IT Band injury with various techniques (needling, cupping, graston, ART, etc.) that got me not only to the start line, but across the finish line of my first marathon.

– Gina M.

Meghan B.


It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend the services of Dr. Jason Gridley.

Being a Division I athlete, I played volleyball aggressively since the age of 13. I earned a full ride scholarship to the University of Colorado at Boulder, starting every match of my four years there as well as playing on developmental teams for the USA in the summers and winters. Following the completion of my college career, I headed over to Europe to play professionally.

During my time in college, I had to have surgery for a torn meniscus. Due to the surgery as well as the wear and tear on my knees from the constant playing, I now have arthritis in that knee. After college, in my other knee, I have also torn my ACL twice. As I am only 31, I hope to continue to play the sport I love for many years to come. I currently play sand volleyball in the Denver area and compete nationally in this sport. I’ve tried numerous doctors and treatments with varying degrees of success. Matt and Cherie Chan from Crossfit Verve recommended that I go and work with Dr. Gridley. Since I have started working with him, I found in Dr. Gridley’s treatments a degree of comfort I had not experienced in years. I strongly support the protocols he has used in treating me. Each case is individual, yet he fashioned my treatment in such a way as to allow me to continue to participate in the active lifestyle I love including volleyball and Crossfit. I will forever be in his debt.

– Meghan B.

Rylie B.


My name is Rylie Baker, I am 13 years old, and in the fall of 2015 I developed medial epicondylitis in my right elbow.

I play several sports – club volleyball, middle school basketball, and middle school volleyball. I started feeling pain and discomfort towards the end of my fall club season (I pitch and play outfield). This continued into my school fall sports. My parents took me to a pediatric orthopedic doctor and they told me no sports for 1 month.

That month passed and I was released to play, but within 3 weeks of resumed sports the pain and discomfort returned. We went back to the same doctor and I was told no activities for 3 more months. This was devastating to me! This would cause me to miss the rest of my club volleyball tournaments and almost my entire spring club softball season.

My dad knew someone who had received treatment from Dr. Gridley with excellent results. We contacted Denver Sport & Spine® and my dad took me to see Dr. Gridley during my spring break period in March 2016. The treatments were roughly 20 minutes long every morning for 4 days.

It’s been 2 months since my treatments and I finished my volleyball season and have pitched, batted and played outfield in 3 softball tournaments with absolutely no pain. These were things I couldn’t do before without considerable discomfort. This would not have been possible without Dr. Gridley! Thank you so much!!

– Rylie B.

Lori Castillo Planos


I am so grateful for the treatment you provided to me.

I had come to accept that all the years of playing on the tour left me with cumulative injures that would continue to affect every part of my game. I was worried that surgery was my only option. Your approach to injury management has allowed me to again play pain-free with more range of motion and club distance than I had while playing for a living on the European tour.

– Lori Castillo Planos

Matt B.


After several weeks of failed self-rehabilitation, Dr. Gridley had me back to 100% in a matter of days utilizing dry needling treatments.

During my time spent with Dr. Gridley, I found him to be medically thorough, uniquely perceptive and relationship oriented. Furthermore, Dr. Gridley takes the time to understand his patient’s needs, establish concise objectives and deliver results.

Most important to me is that Dr. Gridley is an athlete himself. Not only does he talk the talk, but he walks the walk. Simply said Dr. Gridley is an asset to anyone looking to improve their athletic performance or overall well-being.

– Matt B.

Aaron H.


As an employee at a local bar in Denver, one of my many duties was to change kegs of beer, as they would empty throughout the night.

This particular chore consisted of pulling the expired keg from the shelf and then replacing the old with a new. Not exactly rocket science, but the physical demand of lifting a full keg of beer, at about 130 pounds, from ground level to an above waist high shelf; is no walk in the park. It was my sixth week of employment with the company and the fifth keg of the evening that would compromise the entirety of my physical and mental state of well being for the next year and a half to come. Upon lifting the keg and wrenching it onto the shelf I heard a very vicious and aggressive pop come cracking from my lower back. About ten minutes later the throbbing pain and pounding sensation set in and within an hour I could no longer physically carry the right side of my body, to continue the closing duties of the shift for the restaurant. Needless to say I was sent home with a work related injury.

Up until the back injury, I was a very healthy and physically active 34-year old man. I was very physically involved in outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, and fishing. I would spend most of my springs, summers and fall times building a humble cabin on land I own in the mountains. I was sponsored by a local skateboard shop B.C. Surf ‘N’ Sport and as a team rider was very passionately involved in my progression in skateboarding on a local level as well as video documentation of other Colorado talent. I would maintain the physical integrity of my body by doing acts of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and my own personal stretch routine I have developed throughout my years of skateboarding. As you can see my life revolved around the physical well being of my body. I went from living my life at 110% before the injury to now being able to only function at about 15%. I couldn’t do simple tasks like my dirty dishes or bend forward to take on and off my socks and shoes without being in excruciating pain. Walking and sitting were brutal on my back. I began sleeping on the floor to alleviate the continual discomfort. I was an absolute mess physically and emotionally. I was desperate and broken.

Waking to the new found reality of the severe detriment to my back, the road to recovery would lead me on a year and a half journey of multiple different treatments from many different specialist. As time would reveal the true injury, it was determined that I displaced both pelvic bones alignment, bulged two discs at T4-T5 and T11-T12 as well as damage all the connective tissues and muscles involved in what connects the lower back to the pelvic region. Needless to say the day in day out constant pain was absolutely horrific. The treatments from the specialist would include dry needle trigger point therapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage and a regimented physical work out routine specialized to strengthen my lower back as well as develop core strength. The treatments would provide momentary relief but the reoccurring theme was that it was just a matter of time before my back was in the agonizing state of continual discontent. It wasn’t until I was referenced to see Dr. Jason Gridley through recommendation of Dr. Allison Fall, that I would finally start receiving the proper treatments I needed to literally get back on my feet again.

Upon my first visit with Dr. Gridley he gave me a comprehensive understanding as well diagnosis as to what he felt the true problem was. Dr. Gridley would base this on the existing symptoms and how the initial injury took place. Not only did he provide understanding and diagnosis he also would lay out a time line and treatment plan that would consist of 8 treatments over the course of 6 weeks and if need be several more visits until I was in a considerably better state of being. To me this was priceless. I was for the first time since the injury able to see some light at the end of this dark tunnel. Up until Dr. Gridley, the specialist involved had no insight nor could they explain to me just what exactly I had done to my lower back. As a matter of fact it seemed as though the other specialist involved in my rehabilitation were just taking shots in the dark at trying to heal my symptoms; where as Dr. Gridley actually had a diagnosis as well as a treatment plan with an expected out come. Some of the treatments provided by the other specialist were the same as Dr. Gridley’s however the difference was in Dr. Gridley’s application as well as the integration of multiple treatments involved in Gridley’s treatment plan. Dr. Gridley determined I was to receive dry needle trigger point therapies accompanied by cupping treatments, chiropractic adjustments and reference to physical therapies that would help in the core strengthening of my back and overall being. Dr. Gridley explained in a thorough manner how the needling and cupping treatments would work to first loosen taught and rigid muscles, ligaments and tendons in order to eventually allow the pelvic bones to be aligned. Within the first couple of treatments I was noticing considerable benefit in both overall function as well as pain relief. Eventually Dr. Gridley was able to rebalance my compromised state of being and get me back in the game of life again. The treatments did take a few more sessions than the original treatment plan predicted, however I relate this to the extent of the injury not questionable care. Honestly I would attribute 80% of the fact that I can comfortably walk, sleep, skateboard and everything else in life again to Dr. Gridley’s healing hands, his gentle yet aggressive approach to my lower back problem and the way he brought perspective and understanding to me as the patient with this unbearable reality.

Two and a half years removed from my back injury, I relapsed into a compromised state of disparity when I injured the lower back region again. At the end of a hard days work I bent forward to pick up a dustpan. The dustpan was the straw that broke the camels back. Turns out that I slipped a facet joint out of place and it was now impinging on a nerve, which was causing pain of which my words cannot describe. This time the pain was so bad I had to crawl on the floor throughout my house in order to make it to the bathroom. I would stay in this state of agonizing pain for two months. Within this two month time frame, I would receive six chiropractic adjustments, two massage treatments and several electrical stimulation treatments all from different specialist, which all provided little next to no relief to the pain I was experiencing in the lower back region. I almost admitted myself to the emergency room in hopes of a wheel chair to help me get around. With my back out of commission and nowhere left to turn I found myself yet again seeking the professional assistance of Dr. Jason Gridley. Within two treatments of Dr. Gridley’s practice he was able to get the joint back in place. It took about a month after the adjustments, the needling and cupping treatments to fully alleviate the pain and get me back on my feet, back on my board and back in my life again. My only regret would be that I waited so long and saw several specialists before returning back to Dr. Gridley.

Never again will I seek the help of another specialist outside the practice of Dr. Jason Gridley for my back pain. I cannot thank Dr. Allison Fall enough for the reference of Dr. Gridley. Again I attribute the fact that I can function in life mostly to the healing approach that Dr.Gridley brought to the table.

I sincerely thank you Dr. Jason Gridley with the up most respect for you and your practice.

– Aaron H.

Cheryl G.


For the past 8 years I’ve struggled with low to no mobility in three of my left hand fingers.

Fearing focal dystonia and an end to 34 years of accomplished music performance, I saw 6 doctors, 5 of them chiropractors and/or acupuncturists. they made varying diagnoses and applied standard techniques only to see little to no improvement.

In four months of work with Dr. Gridley I already noted real change and began experiencing periods free of the problem altogether. Dr. Gridley’s intelligent approach to his work is unique and above the rest – from asking critically pertinent questions to the sensible synthesis of that information, along with his knowledge of and experience with the body and his progressive application of innovative treatment techniques!

I was astonished after so much time with no remedy. I am grateful more than I can say, to be under his continued care.

– Cheryl G.

Katie K.


As an athlete and professional dancer I have seen my fair share of chiropractors and physical therapists who have attempted to understand the unique nature of my injuries.

It wasn’t until I came to see Dr. Gridley for a neck injury that I felt I found someone who truly understood the uniqueness of my body and was able to treat my injury without my having to stop dancing mid-season.

Dr. Gridley’s experience treating professional athletes, his wealth of knowledge, and innate sense for what is going on beneath the surface set him apart from the rest. Without him I surely would have been on the sidelines watching instead of performing, and for the first time in years I was able to dance without pain in my neck!

I am relieved to have found a specialist I can trust in Dr. Gridley and would recommend him to anyone suffering from neck/spine related injuries.

– Katie K.

Sean H.


I’ve been receiving treatment from Dr. Gridley for almost a year for a variety of injuries that I sustained during my time in the military and serving in Iraq.

I had exacerbated a number of the injuries, some which had required surgery, by not seeking treatment for years. The worst injury by far was when I fell 15ft onto my lower back and temporarily paralyzed myself. After years of chronic and sustained back pain and mobility issues, I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Dr. Gridley who conducted a thorough initial consultation and treatment in an extremely efficient and effective manner. I was stunned at how good my back felt even after the initial visit.

I have since seen Dr. Gridley for some additional treatment on my back and have expanded the treatment to my other injuries as well. He is a gifted body “mechanic” who will get you fixed up and back into high intensity training. I’ve been able to reacquire my prior level of fitness with cycling, yoga, crossfit, and backcountry skiing and have done so without the pain that plagued me before. I’ve recommended Dr. Gridley to several friends and will definitely continue to seek his treatment whenever my next injury comes along.

– Sean H.

Corey W.


I am a 16 year old Rapids DA soccer player. Dr. Gridley has helped me get back on the Soccer field after a few ankle and knee injuries.

His techniques are excellent and minimize my time off the field due to injuries. I really like that Dr. Gridley knows exactly what is going on with my injury and is able to fix me up after just one visit. Dr. Gridley is also very cool and I am always very comfortable & confident in his ability and treatments.

– Corey W.

Phil L.


I came to Dr. Gridley’s office at the recommendation of a trusted source. I was experiencing severe shoulder pain in both shoulders and most traditional methods seemed to only calm things down.

Dr. Gridley’s approach to patient care, through chiropractic acupuncture, as well as other methods, has been wildly successful in not only reducing the pain for much longer but allowing me to regain and restore motion in both shoulders. This was accomplished in only a handful of visits, allowing me to keep a semblance of order in my daily schedule.

It was clear that Dr. Gridley was focused on alleviating the source of the disorder, not just alleviating the symptoms, and that is greatly appreciated. I am happy to continue to be under the care of the good Doctor!

– Phil L.

Bethany K.


In June of 2010, I was in a traumatic RV crash. While many of the injuries healed in the year following the accident, there are curious repercussions that continue to surface.

One of those repercussions was found in November 2012. It was discovered that I do not achieve deep sleep patterns due to damaged and tight musculature in my back. Though I perceived no pain on a daily basis, my body was uncomfortable and moved continuously throughout the night. Essentially, I have not had high quality sleep since the accident. Additionally, I suffered regular pressure headaches, as I experienced significant head trauma during the accident.

After little relief from regular deep tissue massage therapy, I came to see Dr. Gridley. I immediately liked Dr. Gridley’s no-nonsense approach and his confidence. Additionally, I sincerely appreciated his honesty in that if treatment was unsuccessful after 3 visits, we were done.

After my first treatment, my headaches disappeared, and I began to wake up feeling more rested. After a total of six treatments, I no longer suffer headaches, my sleep quality is significantly improved, and my massage therapist reports a considerable improvement in muscle quality. I am unable to fully express my gratitude for Dr. Gridley’s effective treatment.

– Bethany K.

Kevin C.


I am a career firefighter. In early 2012 I had the misfortune of being injured at work.

I tore both rotator cuffs, injured both elbows and would require shoulder surgery. After surgery to repair my right shoulder I re-injured my left shoulder to the point that I could barely move it, and surgery could not be done for another 3-4 months.

Dr. Gridley went to work on both my shoulders and elbows as part of the physical therapy program to get motion/movement in my right shoulder and prepare my left shoulder for surgery. Through the use of acupuncture and intelligent manipulation, Dr. Gridley shaved several months off my recovery time and made it virtually unnecessary to use prescription pain medications only days after surgery.

Thanks to Dr. Gridley I believe my shoulders and elbows are in as good or better condition than before surgery and I will be able to continue pursuing my career without restriction.

– Kevin C.

Miranda M.


I have been a patient of Dr. Gridley’s for the past 5 years.

He has helped my neck recover from severe head whipping over many years of being a professional dancer. I have suffered from severe lower back pain and nothing heals the pain like the treatments that Dr. Gridley provides. I’ve tried deep tissue massages and that only fixes the pain for a few days.

I see Dr. Gridley 2-3 times a month, as needed, and I look always forward to feeling like I have a “new body.” Jason spends time getting to know his clients with their specific needs and concerns.

– Miranda M.

Michelle S.


Anyone who has any type of chronic pain knows it can be depressing and seem like the pain will haunt you forever.

I was there. I injured my shoulder in August of 2012, and for months was treated with anti-inflammatories, pain killers, physical therapy 3 days a week, two steroid injections, and surgery. Nothing seemed to take the pain away or give me back the movement in my arm and I felt hopeless and angry.

When nothing else was working, my doctor finally sent me to see Dr. Gridley. Unbelievable! FINALLY some results! Dr. Gridley took time to listen to everything I said, and did his magic. I remember being able to put my arm behind my back for the first time in months after just my first visit with him and just wanting to cry with happiness. Why didn’t I just go see him first I wondered. Months of daily pain and aggravation could have been avoided if I would have just seen him first. He had the answers and skills to figure out where my pain was coming from and made a difference for me.

Dr. Gridley’s passion to make his patients truly feel better is very impressive. I have so much respect for Dr. Gridley and am excited and enthused to recommend him to anyone who is suffering from daily pain. He takes the extra time most doctors don’t to listen and understand. That is something special. That combined with his knowledge and skills are exactly what I needed.

– Michelle S.

Coby W.


I am a 14 year old Rapids DA Soccer player. I have received treatment from Dr. Gridley for several different soccer injuries; ankle, hamstring, knee injuries.

Dr. Gridley helps me get back to my high level and aggressive style of play with no pain or soreness within 24-48 hours. My mom is a registered nurse and trusts Dr. Gridley completely in helping me get back on the field. Thank you Dr. Gridley for all your help in keeping me healthy!

– Coby W.

C. Williams


I am a 19 year old Division 1 Softball Player at Morgan State University. I met Dr. Gridley after struggling with several shoulder dislocations.

He treated my throwing shoulder and thanks to his amazing treatments my throwing arm is now very strong and accurate. I have not had any more issues with my shoulder dislocating and am able to participate with all the required weight training and athletic workouts. Thank you Dr. Gridley for all your hard work! You are the Best!

– C. Williams