Dr. Jason Gridley, DC, C.AC

Chiropractor and Physical Specialist

Dr. Gridley, a Colorado native, has proudly been serving communities as a trusted chiropractor for the past two decades. During this time he built a successful self-sustaining, medical referral-based practice. In addition to manipulating the spine and extremities, he specializes in using advanced-level techniques to treat the soft tissue component of injuries that are oftentimes overlooked and incorrectly treated with massage therapy or other therapy modalities offering insignificant relief to the patient. His clientele is made up of a diverse group of people. He treats a large percentage of work comp patients and athletes. However, he enjoys providing care to patients from all walks of life- from elite and occupational athletes to full-time mothers and teachers.

Drawing upon his years of experience treating work comp injuries and elite athletes, Dr. Gridley utilizes his extensive skill set and evidence-based knowledge to treat soft tissue injuries. Regarding patient care, he strictly adheres to his philosophy, which is to provide advanced-level techniques to improve function, eliminate pain, and resolve injuries in the quickest, safest way possible. His ability to do this in four to six visits, on average, is what distinguishes Dr. Gridley from other chiropractors. If he can’t help you in a reasonable amount of time he will promptly refer you to an appropriate provider who can.

In his free time, Dr. Gridley can be found doing life alongside his wife, Amy, and their two young children. Connecting with his family and leading an active lifestyle is of great importance to him. Together, his family enjoys traveling to Maui to surf and snorkel, skiing in the mountains, and riding motocross with his kids. He specifically finds great satisfaction in motocross as he loves to see his children being active, getting dirty and scraped up, and smelling like exhaust at the end of the day.

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