Shawn Mack

I originally visited Dr Gridley in 2006. Having hit my 30s, my body was feeling, well, old. I had pretty much accepted that running, jumping and enjoying a lot of the activities I had enjoyed in my youth were long gone.

Starting with my initial treatment with Dr Gridley, I immediately saw improvements: range of motion, strength and flexibility ALL improved! As I continued treatments, I continued to feel better and experienced improved athletic performance.

The better my body felt, the more I threw at it. I stop competing as a national level bodybuilder and I took up running. I started ballet. Then CrossFit. Then triathlons. With each additional activity,. I put higher and higher demands on my body. I frequently have bumps and bruises that need professional care and Dr Gridley has been there every step of the way, keeping my body tuned up and performing to my absolute peak.

As amazing as it is to get out and play like a kid, train hard and perform well, one of the biggest gifts Dr Gridley has given me is the ability to get out of bed in the morning with no pain.

Dr Gridley is a Godsend. He brings an extremely rare blend of knowledge, intuition and in-depth understanding of the body and movement. He is very forward thinking and fully recognizes & understands to unique rigors the athlete’s body is exposed to. Dr Gridley has an unmatched approach to treatment in order to aggressively get athletes back “in the game”.

– Shawn Mack