Rachel Patton

Dr. Jason Gridley is simply THE BEST! He is the only person I trust to work on my body ESPECIALLY when injured.

Dr. Gridley truly has the gift of healing, as well as a compassionate and caring bedside manor. His devotion to helping his patients feel better and live without pain is above any other practitioner I’ve seen. My results, and recovery with Dr. Gridley have been better and faster than with anyone else I have been to see. He utilizes several different treatments that are cutting edge, and continues to learn and seek out new modalities that can help and benefit his patients.

As a 35yr old athlete and CrossFit coach, I demand a lot of my body. Without Dr. Gridley’s treatments I would not be ale to perform at my best. He keeps my body tuned up so I can continue to train hard. Approaching the 2010 North American Fitness Championships, I was having bad issues with my hip. At 5 weeks out from the competition, the pain got so bad that walking was horribly painful and training was almost impossible. Thanks to Dr. Gridley’s in-depth knowledge, background, and intuitive sense of what my body needed to perform, he got me healed and back on track and I was able to compete and ended up placing 2nd.

Thank you Dr. Gridley for always taking such great care of my body, and continually putting me back together!

– Rachel Patton