Krista Dunn

As a professional bodybuilder I am aware of the importance of symmetry and aesthetics on stage. I was unaware, however, that lifting heavy weight on a regular basis can cause tight, bound up muscle that can become asymmetrical and very bunched up in appearance.

I started receiving dry needle treatments with Dr. Gridley on a regular basis and it has made an incredible difference in my physique and overall stage appearance. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my treatments and am so happy that I gave this practice a try!

I look forward to my appointments because I know that I will not only feel better, but look better too. Dr. Gridley treats many athletes in many different types of sports, he is very knowledgeable and conscientious of the needs of athletes. I know, for me, this treatment will remain an integral part of my training and recovery regimen!

– Krista Dunn