James F.

By the time I was referred to doctor Gridley I had already been referred to various doctors; all of whom were unable to diagnosis or treat my injury other that to prescribe ever stronger pain killers and muscle relaxants.

Then Dr. Kawasaki referred me to Jason with a diagnosis of a high hamstring injury. Jason spoke at length with me and my wife, describing both the treatments and what to expect during and after those treatments. Due to the extended distance we were having to travel to see Jason, he was willing to schedule extended visits with me to maximize the amount of relief.

Although the treatments were quite uncomfortable, the results were unquestionable. Within three treatments I had significant relief from my pain as well as increased mobility in both my leg and lower back. With each subsequent treatment my condition continued to improve.

During my time with Jason my oldest daughter sustained a minor injury playing basketball. Jason told me to bring her along with me on my next appointment and he treated her as well.

– James F.