James Duwve

Several fellow CrossFitters had recommended using Dr. Gridley in order to improve my mobility, for the 2012 CrossFit Games.

With the Games about 9 weeks away I made an appointment with Dr. Gridley for early June. The Friday prior to my appointment, I experienced an injury to my right shoulder that caused numbness, tingling and loss of grip strength in my right hand. A MRI 4 years earlier had revealed torn Biceps tendon, SLAP tear of the Labrum and a torn Rotator Cuff. I received physical therapy and was relatively pain free until this incident.

Dr. Gridley aggressively treated my arm over the next 6 weeks utilizing dry needling, ART (Active Release Therapy), myofascial release and Graston Technique. During the course of the next 6 weeks of treatment I gradually regained range of motion and full use of my arm. I was able to compete in the Masters Division of the CrossFit Games and even set personal records in the Snatch and Shoulder to Overhead.

I am certain that without Dr. Gridley’s intervention I would have had no hope of competing.

– James Duwve