Bethany K.

In June of 2010, I was in a traumatic RV crash. While many of the injuries healed in the year following the accident, there are curious repercussions that continue to surface.

One of those repercussions was found in November 2012. It was discovered that I do not achieve deep sleep patterns due to damaged and tight musculature in my back. Though I perceived no pain on a daily basis, my body was uncomfortable and moved continuously throughout the night. Essentially, I have not had high quality sleep since the accident. Additionally, I suffered regular pressure headaches, as I experienced significant head trauma during the accident.

After little relief from regular deep tissue massage therapy, I came to see Dr. Gridley. I immediately liked Dr. Gridley’s no-nonsense approach and his confidence. Additionally, I sincerely appreciated his honesty in that if treatment was unsuccessful after 3 visits, we were done.

After my first treatment, my headaches disappeared, and I began to wake up feeling more rested. After a total of six treatments, I no longer suffer headaches, my sleep quality is significantly improved, and my massage therapist reports a considerable improvement in muscle quality. I am unable to fully express my gratitude for Dr. Gridley’s effective treatment.

– Bethany K.