Meghan B.

It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend the services of Dr. Jason Gridley.

Being a Division I athlete, I played volleyball aggressively since the age of 13. I earned a full ride scholarship to the University of Colorado at Boulder, starting every match of my four years there as well as playing on developmental teams for the USA in the summers and winters. Following the completion of my college career, I headed over to Europe to play professionally.

During my time in college, I had to have surgery for a torn meniscus. Due to the surgery as well as the wear and tear on my knees from the constant playing, I now have arthritis in that knee. After college, in my other knee, I have also torn my ACL twice. As I am only 31, I hope to continue to play the sport I love for many years to come. I currently play sand volleyball in the Denver area and compete nationally in this sport. I’ve tried numerous doctors and treatments with varying degrees of success. Matt and Cherie Chan from Crossfit Verve recommended that I go and work with Dr. Gridley. Since I have started working with him, I found in Dr. Gridley’s treatments a degree of comfort I had not experienced in years. I strongly support the protocols he has used in treating me. Each case is individual, yet he fashioned my treatment in such a way as to allow me to continue to participate in the active lifestyle I love including volleyball and Crossfit. I will forever be in his debt.

– Meghan B.