Emmalee Teribery

I was first introduced to the highly recommended Dr. Gridley due to my insane CrossFit habits and just before my appearance at the 2013 CrossFit Games.

I have been some sort of an athlete all my life and have always “worked through” injuries or problems on my own. Sometimes that work meant battling through the pain and compensating in other areas but never “fixing” the actual problem. When I realized what Dr. Gridley had in store for me after just one visit I knew the next couple of visits were going to improve my range of motion beyond my expectations. Through accupuncture and chiropractic work he was able to eliminate pains in specific movements that I previously avoided at all costs in turn not having any desired gains. Dr. Gridley is not just a HEALER, he’s also an educator by providing ways of keeping my body healthy outside of his office in order to live an active life as a Firefighter and CrossFitter.

Thanks Doc for all you do! Here’s to many more years of activities and maintenance visits!

– Emmalee Teribery